Joanne Rogers writes on how business needs to benefit society

Joanne Rogers writes on how business needs to benefit society Click to enlarge

10 Jun 2012

Business has a crucial role to play in building a stronger society and today there is growing recognition that, alongside profit, there is an increasing need for companies to promote their benefits to society and their local community. 

Surrey Connects has an important role to play in driving sustainable economic and social impacts across the county. The world is changing – economically, socially and environmentally, creating a new climate for business. This in turn is forcing companies to change how they operate.  Smart Economic Growth, in this context, is about achieving economic and social development without impacting upon the very things that make Surrey special.  In short, realising sustainable economic growth and social benefit.   

A focus on sustainability creates business value, equally in times of economic difficulty as in periods of growth.  It does this by driving innovation that can inform a market-leading position.  Our ambitions are global as well as local.  We want to sharpen Surrey’s competitive edge and pursue trade and inward investment opportunities to secure our future in a global market place.

Surrey needs to bring together its entrepreneurial talents and the resources of companies and investors who wish to generate both economic and social returns.  Through our work, the Surrey Connects Board hopes to increase such collaborations between the public and private sectors and with clarity of purpose, cascade investment in people, places and ideas. 

Over time, we hope to encourage others to apply their time and intellectual expertise to the development of this agenda. There is much to be gained from innovators, intermediaries and entrepreneurs working more closely with institutional investors.   We seek to build such collaborations.