Chairman Brian Farrugia takes a global perspective

Chairman Brian Farrugia takes a global perspective Click to enlarge

30 Jul 2012

Much work has been undertaken behind the scenes during the past year ahead of the launch of Surrey Connects to create a formula for success.  As Chairman, I am delighted we have pulled together a strong board and leadership team with wide-ranging expertise. 

Drawing on our collective experience, we are taking a fresh approach to keep Surrey’s economy vibrant and innovative, thinking and working practically and pragmatically. Aided by technology, our aim is to encourage the application of new knowledge and experiences taken from the global environment in which we live and work – not just rehashing existing or out-dated theories.

The traditional foundations of local economic development have been local job creation, developing and sustaining businesses, attracting new investment and creating the conditions for economic growth. Although the economy is generally stagnant, these fundamentals remain. 

However, I want to add to these fundamentals in Surrey and additionally take more of a global view.  At Surrey Connects, we want to show how it is possible to be agile and respond quickly to new commercial, technological and political developments worldwide. This, in turn, will attract the investment we are seeking.  At the same time, we need to encourage Surrey companies to export more, which will help them be more profitable, more able to sustain their operations in the UK and continue to supply the tax revenues the UK economy needs.  

So the question is are we, in Surrey, ready to face up to the new realities of a truly global business environment and respond to new developments around the world, or will fear of change hold our county back?