Global Competitiveness

Surrey has a mission to be a world-class economy;. However, in global terms the county is slipping in the international competitiveness stakes. 

Surrey Connects will work to retain, nurture and grow businesses in its globally competitive target sectors  as the foundation for Smart Economic Growth.  Key priority outcomes will include:

  • 100% super fast broadband coverage
  • Promotion of Surrey as a inward investment location
  • Delivery of major infrastructure projects through Transport for Surrey

We will target knowledge intensive exports and focus on expanding Surrey's export capacity. By successfully tapping into overseas markets, Surrey businesses will have the opportunity to generate greater revenues and ultimately create more jobs in our county.


The Knowledge Economy

The world is changing rapidly and our work and daily life require skills not even imagined just a few years ago. In an innovative society, people will have several changes of career and will no longer be tied to a single employer or industry.

The main contributing factors to a growing knowledge economy are people, intellectual capital, property/ infrastructure, money and business expertise. 

Within Surrey, land and labour are both in short supply, hence the focus for Surrey Connects will be on the following key priority outcomes:

  • Development of a world-class business/management school
  • Increasing the number of people ready for employment at all skill levels
  • Maximising university, education and business linkages through the Surrey Employment & Skills Board

Driving Enterprise

Surrey has a long tradition of entrepreneurship supported by a strong record of new business creation over a number of years. Our aim is to establish the right conditions for the enterprising spirit to flourish in Surrey.

Building on our history of entrepreneurship, Surrey Connects will help small and medium sized Surrey businesses to start and thrive through better and more targeted business support and access to finance. 

For example, venture capital is an important component in innovation.  Key priority outcomes will include:

  • Higher business survival rates
  • Stimulation of business creation
  • Delivery of flexible work space to accommodate new businesses
  • Getting the right local business support offer

Innovation Culture

Surrey has an established history of innovation.  The commercialisation of new technologies and practices are important parts of Surrey’s overall competitiveness and the key to delivering the necessary solutions for Smart Economic Growth. 

Surrey Connects will build upon an established track record ensuring that Surrey continues to create the new ideas that will create economic, social and environmental value.  Key priority outcomes include:

  • Higher rates of R&D spend
  • Support for innovation agenda
  • Increase in patent/IP applications
  • Development of the Community of Innovation and the Ambassador Academy