Progressing Smart Economic Growth


Surrey Connects' core strategy focuses on Smart Economic Growth - a way of increasing the economic prosperity of the county by balancing the needs of human, environmental, social and physical capital. This ensures that Surrey maintains and grows its relative competitive advantages in the global market place, without harming the very attributes which make it a favourable place in which to work, study, live and visit.

As every business is aware, the key to a successful, competitive business is having a true understanding of the issues, challenges and opportunities. For Surrey Connects to realise its vision for Surrey and to drive forward the Smart Economic Growth agenda,  it needs to understand those issues that affect business; so that a collective business voice, across all sectors and localities, can be can be articulated.

This is what the Surrey Big Debate is all about, in three words 'insightful thought leadership' - understanding issues, sharing ideas, identifying innovative best practice and stimulating debate. This will ensure that companies located in Surrey enjoy the best conditions in which to thrive. 


Join the Big Debate


Eight key themes have been identified, we want to hear your views, opinions, experience, key challenges and potential solutions in the following areas:


Energy                  Housing  

Skills                    Sustainability

Town Centres    Transport